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The "Bluebird" Stool

The "Bluebird" Stool

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Our lead times for all products have increased to 2-3 months. This is only TEMPORARY. Once we have successfully moved our business and are up and running again, our lead times will go back to our normal 1-2 weeks.  CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE


 A masterpiece of design, the BLUEBIRD STOOL is a premium reproduction of a classic mid-century modern look. With the perfect mix of form and function, this stool will be an instant favorite for any home decor enthusiast who appreciates good design in life's little moments!


*This stool is designed for a kitchen counter height of 36"

  • Overall height: 26”
  • Base width: 17.5" wide
  • Seat diameter: 13"
  • Seat Thickness: 1.125"


  • Seat: Solid hardwood
  • Legs: Solid hardwood
  • Brackets & Footrest: 3/16" thick metal
  • Metal Finish: Powder coat
  • Wood Finish: Hardwax oil made by Rubio Monocoat


  • FLAT PACK design
  • 3- leg design prevents from rocking


Key Components & Features


Minimalist style with fluid lines, create airy feelings and a personality that goes beyond its design. It combines natural finishes with a mid-century modern design to create a look that is warm yet refined. Our BLUE BIRD STOOL is the perfect companion for your home and will fit in well no matter the style or occasion.


The seat is the primary component for comfort in a stool. We designed the seat with a concave/dished top surface and rounded the outer edge with a smooth curve to ensure maximum comfort for your backside. Small design features can offer great differences in the level of comfort. 


The Bluebird Stool was designed with a "flat pack" feature, and the intent of reducing the cost of shipping, manufacturing, and storage, ultimately creating a more affordable yet quality stool for you.  Flat pack furniture has a bad reputation and has always been looked at as poor quality. Our goal was to design a high-end, beautiful, and durable stool that could disassemble and pack down into a smaller affordable box. We did just that. The Bluebird Stool is easy to assemble and will last a lifetime, while renovating a stunning look in your home.


You don't need to just take our word for it, try it yourself. If you decide you don't like this stool, no matter the reason, you can send it back for a full refund within 30 days after delivery. No questions asked. This is our way of ensuring a great quality product for a great quality person.Find out more details on our SATISFACTION GUARANTEE POLICY.


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