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NEW FLAT PACK version, Windmill Counter Stool

NEW FLAT PACK version, Windmill Counter Stool

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Our lead times for all products have increased to 2-3 months. This is only TEMPORARY. Once we have successfully moved our business and are up and running again, our lead times will go back to our normal 1-2 weeks.  CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE

We know you love the Windmill design and so do we, but we also know it can be difficult to pull the trigger on such a pricey stool. So, we went back to the drawing board to redesign this stool into a more AFFORDABLE version...  and we did it!

Our solution was to get rid of the unnecessary and costly components of this stool, lower the amount of time and labor, lower the amount of packaging materials, and above all lower the cost to ship.

What was left?

The same strikingly sleek & modern design, but with fewer materials, less labor intensive, and with the capability of shipping in a much smaller box. Ultimately reducing the cost and the blow to your wallet. Now you can purchase the four stools you wanted instead of the one.

- The entire stools is shipped disassembled in a much smaller box. 
- With the included detailed instructional video, this stool is very simple to assemble.
- A tab and slot system is used along with 6 bolts in order to assemble.
- Only one 4mm Alan wrench is needed for assembly.
- No swivel, no height adjustment, and no welds.

*Although there are no welded joints, the quality is still there. We designed a tab and slot system for the connection between the footrest and the legs, that is strong and easy to assemble.


Stool Height: 25"
Base Width: 17.5"
Seat Diameter: 13"
*This stool is designed for a counter height of 36"

-1.125" thick solid walnut
-protected with a hard-wax oil finish
-3/16" thick mild steel
-protected with a durable powder coat paint

These stools become the focal point of the room. Its simplistic modern look mixed with raw natural materials, allow it to integrate with any style home, including your kitchen.

The seat is the key component of comfort in a stool. We designed the seat with a concave/dished top surface and rounded the outer edge with a smooth curve to ensure maximum comfort for your backside. Small design features can offer great differences in the level of comfort.

Anything built to last begins with a solid foundation, and this stool begins exactly there. We use strong, thick 3/16" gauge steel to construct the base. On top of that (quite literally) the seat is made from solid hardwood that is protected with a hard wax oil finish, which will only get smoother over use and time. This seat will last a lifetime.

You don't need to just take our word for it, try it yourself. If you decide you don't like this stool, no matter the reason, you can send it back for a full refund within 30 days after delivery. No questions asked. This is our way of ensuring a great quality product for a great quality person. Feel free to message us to find out more details on our SATISFACTION GUARANTEE POLICY.

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