Exclusive Benefits for Professionals

Why join our Trade Program?

As a member of our Trade Program, you will receive exclusive access to trade discounts, product customization, samples, and more. 

Trade Discount

Trade discounts are available exclusively to our "Trade Members". Our team can work with you to help meet your budget requirements. Contact us for more info.


Every project and space is different, which allows for unique design requirements. We offer a variety of customizations to our products to satisfy those requirements. Contact us for more info.


Sign up as a "Trade Member" and send a request for customized samples. Contact us for more info.


Trade Classifications

Our Trade Program is exclusively offered to Dealers, Reps, Designers, and large scale projects including Hospitality. 


Trade discount

Product customization

Request for samples

Personalized service


Large volume discount


Flexible lead times

Commercial warranties


Ready to join our Trade Program?

Contact us now and our team will help you become a Trade Member.

Please include the following info when contacting us to become a Trade Member:

-Type of business? ex: Interior Designer, Architect, Restaurant, Hospitality, Artist Gallery, etc.
-Are you a certified Reseller? Would you like to be tax exempt?
-What type of project are you inquiring about? ex: Restaurant, Residential, Hospitality, etc. 
-How did you find Old Tree Furniture Co.?

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