About Old Tree Furniture Co.

Welcome to Old Tree Furniture Co., where our passion is to produce truly one-of-a-kind furniture that speaks wonder in every detail of its creation. We take pride in our projects and with every piece we ship, we can trace its genesis to the drawing and beyond that, to the story that inspired it. 
Old Tree Furniture Co. is an independent, family owned and operated company located in the foothills of the Selkirk Mountains of North Idaho. The focus of our company is to design unique, high-end furniture that will not only elevate the atmosphere of a space, but will add comfort and character too. - The products we create are no simple commodity. We strive to provide handmade quality, functional furniture pieces that will stand the test of time. 
Since 2014, we have been hard at work honing our craft and developing our unique handmade pieces. Old Tree is most well known for our signature “Bluebird” and “Windmill” kitchen stools, as well as our custom one-offs. We proudly operate entirely by hand, with each piece being designed, handcrafted, and expertly finished by our in-house artisan extraordinaire and Old Tree Co. founder, Brian K.
For over 6 years, we've been carefully crafting our dream designs and our growing family of customers have come to depend on our furniture for any and all situations, from formal to casual, from gorgeous to practical, from traditional to modern and everything in between.
All the materials we use – wood, metal, etc – are of the utmost quality allowing us to build lasting barstools and furniture you can depend on. These materials are highly sought after by craftsmen and artisans, and ultimately by customers who value the quality and longevity they offer. 
We truly believe that every piece we make is a piece that will have a special spot in your home and for many years to come. We begin with necessity, build with durability in mind, and we craft for style and design. The end product is furniture that will play a silent role in your family's memories for years to come. 


We have built this business from the ground up, starting with building for local clients and businesses out of a small wood shop. And while it has taken us many years to grow our company, it is with gratitude and appreciation that we are where we are now- and are continuing on this journey.

Meet The Maker



Humble about his talents, Brian’s work is rooted in an artisanal and thoughtfully designed aesthetic that goes beyond functional and into the realm of art and beauty: relevant, vibrant and personal.
A lifelong resident of the Sandpoint area, Brian calls the Selkirk Mountains his home, building and designing the collections for Old Tree Furniture Co. out of his home-based studio and wood shop.
Growing up under the auspices of two equally devoted entrepreneur parents, Brian developed an interest in woodworking and production as a means of solving real problems. As he gained exposure to the design world, he began to recognize that furniture is at its most elegant and functional when it's handmade and fits into the lifestyles of its users.
Brian first began designing custom furniture in 2014 while pursuing a career in crafting artisanal kitchenware. Brian’s highbrow aesthetic combined with his learned fabrication methods created unique and one-off pieces. His creativity landed him work for a few local businesses, inspiring him to turn his love of woodcrafting into everything it is today.
Since 2014, Brian has expanded his company to be one of the premier designers and manufacturers of wood furniture in the Sandpoint area, showcasing his unique talent in a variety of high-end, modern and vintage styles. With a passion for creating unique, one-of-a-kind pieces of furniture, Brian stands behind each handmade and handcrafted piece.
In addition to the unparalleled artistry of his designs, Brian’s attention to detail and work ethic continues to show in every item he produces, while his signature aesthetic and storytelling is responsible for both timeless pieces and fresh new designs for modern living.
As he began to build his product line, the direction of Old Tree Furniture Co. evolved from making simple furniture and products, to one of quality and versatility. Staying true to his original vision, Brian has designed new pieces that make it easy for anyone to fit a little charm into their living spaces. He’s done the hard work of taking the designs he loves and pairing them with modern sense and sophistication.
Combining Brian’s design aesthetic with years of experience, Old Tree Furniture Co. has built an impressive range of classic, modern and vintage styles that suit any home or lifestyle. Specializing in finely crafted and unique wood furniture, Old Tree Furniture Co. is one of the premier Sandpoint-area makers and purveyors of fine furniture. 
Brian has been able to get his furniture into high-end homes and hospitality spaces alike, including Matchwood Brewing (Sandpoint ID), Bluebird Bakery (Sandpoint ID), and Green Bench Brewing Co. (Tampa FL). 
He is eager to provide a creative solution for designers and businesses who are looking to move from the mundane to the forever memorable—from the everyday to a unique, one-of-a-kind designer experience.



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