About us

Discovering Passion
I found my passion for creating with my hands at a young age, making primitive furniture and wooden gifts for family, all while learning how to use the basic tools in my dads shop. As I grew older, I had the opportunity to attend the university and earn my degree in forest products. I then left college knowing I wanted to begin the next stage in my life as a creator, designer, and entrepreneur. With my limited skills and knowledge as a young creator, I decided to start small. My first idea and first product, was a wooden pizza cutter. These were a fun novelty item, which I sold at local markets and eventually online through my Etsy store. (Which you can still find there today)
Creating Our Business
Making wood kitchen utensils was a great introduction to entrepreneurship, but there wasn’t enough room for much creative expansion. Furniture had always been an interest of mine, so I began to seek inspiration by learning the capabilities and possibilities that other tools had to offer. I was introduced to CNC machines and immediately fell in love, which allowed me to design in ways I couldn't before. Because of these tools, I landed on my first design, the “Windmill” stool. This is a simple three leg stool with complex angles. It is a piece that can adapt to multiple styles and look as if the space was designed around it. Look for it on our "Products" page. 
From there, our business has grown into a mix of products and custom work. Our goal is to continue to design and create furniture that will not only add a place to sit, but will add character and good conversation to your home. Whether it is a new product or a custom piece, I encourage you to reach out and ask us questions. This is what we love to do, and we would love to talk to you about it.