Design & Prototype Service

Custom high-quality furniture designs for your business. 

It's hard to find high-end, quality furniture that is unique to the market. Our experts at Old Tree Furniture Co. will create a one of a kind product for your catalog that will be EXCLUSIVE to you and your clients. Stop searching for the perfect piece to add to your store, and allow us to create it for you. 


Our Services

  • Work side by side with your team to create an original design.
  • Turn your existing "napkin sketch" concept into a 3D model.
  • Design and build a working prototype.
  • Work with manufacturers to get your new design up and running and ready to market.
  • Create a flat pack design to help reduce manufacturing, shipping, and storage costs.

Send us an email, we will set up a virtual meeting to discuss your idea and what the framework would look like to create a one of a kind product for your business. 


Custom Design Examples


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